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Hawthorn Shield

Nominations for Hawthorn Shield 2022 are now open:


14th & 15th May Hawthorn Shield U11 2022 Cairns
14th & 15th May Hawthorn Shield U13 2022 Cairns
14th & 15th May Hawthorn Shield U15 2022 Cairns
14th & 15th May Hawthorn Shield U18 2022 Cairns

Hawthorn Shield

Each year Townsville and Cairns participate in the Hawthorn Shield, with teams from Under 11 through to Masters playing to win the overall Hawthorn Shield.  The Vidgen Cup (Division 1 Men), Ronda Crossman Shield (Division 1 Ladies) and the Ian Millett Trophy (Masters Men) are all contested on the Hawthorn Shield weekend.

The hosting of the event alternates annually between Cairns and Townsville.

This is a unique opportunity for parents and children, partners and family, to experience a weekend playing and contesting hockey, and representing Team Townsville.

History of Hawthorn Shield

Men’s Hockey representative games against Cairns began in 1933 when Mr Vidgen, a QHA official, was in North Queensland on a business trip, and he donated the Vidgen Cup for an annual competition between Cairns and Townsville.  The women were already playing a series of games against Townsville and joined with the Men in 1933. In the 1950’s and 1960’s the teams travelled by train and sometimes in a special “excursion train”. This was quite expensive so the teams were expanded so a greater number could participate and help defray the costs. One year 22 teams travelled with only 9 official games and the rest were social. Former president of Cairns Hockey Association, Wes Hawthorn, donated the HAWTHORN SHIELD and it is presented to the city which accumulates the highest number of points after all games are played.

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